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Family Funway FAQ


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions that we get. 


How tall do you have to be to ride the Go-karts?


To drive the Go-Karts alone, you must be over 55 inches tall. Otherwise, passengers under 55" need to be driven by a licensed adult, and must be able to walk on to the ride without assistance. 


What if it starts raining?


If it starts raining, (significantly) we will provide comp tickets to come back at anytime during the season. If there is lightening and thunder however, the park must shut down all attractions until at least 15 minutes from the last seen lightening strike or thunder heard. We do not have areas to shied our guests from the rain. We are an open air park.


Are bats and helmets provided?

Bats and helmets are provided if you want to use the batting cages.

You may also bring your own bats and helmets!

No wooden bats please!


Is there an Entrance fee?


There is no entrance fee for the Family Funway.

Do you have two person Go-Karts?

Yes we do, but the driver needs to have a license to drive a passenger.



Are there any requirements for the batting cages?

Yes there are: you must be at least 6 years old, and have closed toe shoes. (Ex. Sneakers)


Will I get wet on the Bumper Boats?

Yes! Depending on your fellow riders, you may experience being lightly splashed to being completely drenched.

The Funway does not provide towels. Please prepare for your visit accordingly. 


Can we bring outside food in to the Funway?
To be considerate to our guests with allergies, we do not allow for outside food to be brought into the Funway. Birthday parties are not exempt. 


What kind of ice-cream is available to purchase?

We have Hood soft serve ice-cream in chocolate, vanilla, and twist. Our soft serve is Kosher!

We also have a variety of Hershey's products available.


Some of the Hersey's products do contain nuts, but our soft serve does not contain nuts unless requested for birthday party sundaes.


Is there a swimming pool?

No, we do not have a swimming pool at the Funway. Our Bumper Boat pond does not double as a swimming pool, and guests may not enter the ride without being seated in a Bumper Boat.

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